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“I discovered Photographic Memories when I was pregnant with my first child. At the time, I didn’t realize how fortunate I was! I have worked with many photographers over the years in many different circumstances, but Deborah and Dan were able to capture images that no one else could! I have tremendous respect for their talent and work. They make a difference for us through their personalized attention, flexibility and warm and inviting studio. We treasure their work now and will for years to come.”
Sandy Ellis
Children’s Portraits

“I had the opportunity to have a wonderful portfolio of photographs taken of me at Photographic Memories. I was a senior in high school and knew my life would be changing, but at the time I didn't know how much of a change I was in for. Photographs should make the best of your assets, which is exactly what these did. Each pose was different, and each showed a new aspect of my personality. I was proud to show them off!
I was delighted with my pictures, and excited to have such a beautiful way to remember my senior year.
The few quick shots taken by the in-school photographer gave me a completely different experience. They didn't care about what I wanted or how I felt, it was just a rush to get as many people taken care of as possible each day. At Photographic Memories, my feeling were taken into full consideration, and I was allowed as much time as I needed. I felt very special.
Shortly after I received the portfolio I was in a horrible car accident. Suddenly my life changed, my looks changed and those photographs became more important to me than I could have ever imagined. I realized how lucky I was to have such magnificent images of myself from a time I can never get back. ”

Kim Olson
High School Senior

“Thank you for all the lovely photos of my daughter! You both are an amazing couple that she adores. Everyone who comes into our home just falls in love with my assortment of photos. Each one is unique and very special to us. Thank you!”
Maria Faucher
Baby’s First Year

“Not to be missed. It’s magical!”
Jennifer D’Amico
Santa and Me

“You have captured the most wonderful expressions.”
Connie Batchelor
Location Family Portraits

“In the past, I didn't really see the necessity for a quality "corporate headshot". However, since I started using the picture that you took for my website and business correspondence, I have had people come up to me and say that they chose to do business with me rather than the other two State Farm agents in Stamford based solely on my picture. This is true for both my online presence and the direct mail I send out. Now, my picture goes on everything I can put it on.
Thanks again for the business boost!”

Sincerely - Dan Tyler
Business Portrait

“The ABC book idea is very creative. Although I originally found the request to bring our own personal props challenging, it turned out to be a fun experience and certainly helped put her at ease having her pose with her own familiar items. Both you and your husband conducted yourselves very professionally. It was a very positive experience for both my daughter and I. I would recommend it to others as my daughter had a lot of fun and seemed to really enjoy the experience of posing with props.”
Jen Fuchs
ABC Book

“My kids and I love Dan and Deborah Tual. We always have a wonderful experience and great portraits taken. We recommend Photographic Memories very highly.”
Sandy Holbrook
Family Portraits

“Photographic Memories has captured the most wonderful expressions of our two small children. They are precious memories to have documented so professionally!”
Connie Batchelor

“Can't wait to come see santa again this year! Stephanie, Daniella, Rocco and baby Vincent are going to be so excited too! I think having reserved private time with santa is a great thing and hope you continue this for yrs to come! I think my children enjoy the one on one time with santa because it makes a special memory for them to always remember and cherish! Since I've been bringing my children to you guys to have there photo taken with santa it is well worth the money and they are the BEST photos I have ever had of my babies that I will have many fond memories of for years and years! Love you guys and think you are great! See you soon!”
Sincerely, Judie Melia
Santa and Me

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